About Us

About Company

Established in 2012, Appco is a New Jersey based generic drug development and manufacturing company. It operates through US FDA approved manufacturing sites in Piscataway NJ.

The Appco team has extensive skills and experience in development of complex drugs including dosage forms like tablets, capsules, extended release formulations, oral liquids and suspensions, topical formulations etc.

Everything you should know about us

Our drug portfolio consists of varying products across a wide range of therapeutic areas. We are focused on delivering, cost effective, enhanced quality and long-term life cycle drugs, which abide by the industry and FDA.

Having significant experience in the U.S. generic pharmaceutical market, we bring unparalleled expertise with hands on experience and differentiate from others with relentless commitment for quality, compliance and reliability.

With both the facilities being thoroughly capable of carrying out the entire product development lifecycle for solid orals, from conception to commercialization, we aim to launch a diverse selection of generic drug products making it a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for all your outsourcing requirements.

Our Strengths & Values

  • State of the art GMP facilities

    2 US based FDA approved manufacturing facilities

  • Experienced & dedicated team of scientists

    Highly driven and skilled group of industry professionals

  • Strong regulatory Expertise

    4 successful FDA audits till date

  • Execution with precision

    Focus on project timelines completion without compromising the quality

  • Deliverability

    30 ANDA filings and 10 approvals including 1 tentative approval

  • Outcome oriented

    Comprehensive project management with time bound milestones

  • Team driven

    Cross-functional teams coming together for a target oriented approach